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OER and Publishing Platforms: CBOX

Discussion of the features offered by various web platforms useful for Open Educational Resources (OERs) and other types of publishing.

Resources / Links

Commons in a Box Intro (repeated from homepage)

With its latest version CBOX OpenLab, Commons In A Box has created a dynamic open-source platform for educational publishing.

Ideal Use: Larger-scale, more complicated OERs that may require community/collaboration features, multiple sites, and individual user accounts.


  • Offers two main themes, one of which requires configuration of Wordpress to multisite ability and may be cumbersome for some users and web hosts.
  • Social networking, various content types, and plugin packages offer great versatility for larger courses and projects


  • Requires separate hosting/installation to a Wordpress site that can download the CBOX plugin.
  • Plethora of features may be confusing or intimidating to some users, though thorough web documentation and initial setup steps help cut down overkill or unneeded complexity.

Screenshots / Examples

cbox homepage example

Robust Homepages

CBOX offers a multi-faceted and customizable homepage interface, with the ability to feature everything from multiple courses to a social network of members, depending on the density of the site.

cbox profile example

Unique Profiles

Users create individual accounts that hold all of their interactions on the site, allowing them to connect with other users, associate themselves with classes, and develop their own projects and subsites.

oer example cbox

Full OER Course Pages

After the initial homepage layers, CBOX allows teachers to set up many OER courses within the same installation, which can in turn be associated with projects and students also on the site.

cbox portfolio example

Portfolio Showcases

Students can use CBOX to host and create their own portfolios of course work and other material.