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BUSN 7250X/PSYC 7246G: International Human Resource Management: Week 2

OER for Prof. Hervé Queneau (Summer II, 2021)


  • Types of International Assignments
  • Global Staffing


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Week 2 Discussions

Answer the Week 2 Discussion Questions by Tuesday, July 20th 11:59 pm and post at least 2 replies to the answers of other students by Thursday, July 22nd 11:59 pm.

Suppose you are the Global HR Manager for a U.S.-based multinational company. Your company needs to staff the position of Country Manager in China with an international employee.

  • Which type of international employee would choose? Why?
  • How would you identify suitable candidates for the position?
  • What criteria would you use to select the most qualified candidate?
  • What mix of selection methods would you use?
  • Why? Should personality tests be used to select the candidate?