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BUSN 7250X/PSYC 7246G: International Human Resource Management: Week 1

OER for Prof. Hervé Queneau (Summer II, 2021)


  • Syllabus and Course Requirements
  • International Human Resource Management Trends and Challenges
  • Strategic Human Resource Management


Suggested Resources

Week 1 Discussion

Answer the Week 1 Discussion Questions by Tuesday, July 13th 11:59 pm and post at least 2 replies to the answers of other students by Thursday, July 15th 11:59 pm.

Based on the assigned readings and your own research using the database Business Source Complete (available online through the Brooklyn College Library), describe and discuss the two most critical human resource management challenges that multinational companies face in an increasingly globalized economy.

What are specific examples of ways in which multinational companies address the two challenges you identified?