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Beth Evans, Librarian - Introduction and Quick Tips: Faculty Tips

An introduction to the Brooklyn College librarian, Professor Beth Evans, and basic tips for doing research.


Your Start of the Semester


Library Instruction

I am available for library instruction with your classes in the library, in a smart classroom or online. Please contact me to set up a session. I can also offer follow-up sessions and pre-session preparation for your students as needed.

Reserves Readings

Send in your requests for on-site reserves several weeks before the start of a semester. Fill out a Reserves Materials List Form

If the library does not have the required materials, or is unable to purchase the material, faculty members may place their personal copies on reserve.

Material which CANNOT be placed on Reserve

*       Interlibrary loan books and journal articles including those from other CUNY libraries.
*       Library periodical issues or volumes. These items can be organized in Blackboard or by other CUNY tools for sharing with classes.
*       Scans of an entire book.

You will be notified when your materials are available on Reserves. 

At the end of the semester, reserve material will be returned to the stacks without further notice to the instructor. Faculty wishing to have the materials kept on reserve for the following term must email the Reserves Department. For further assistance regarding reserve requests, procedures, and queries, please contact Mary Pope.

Textbook Alternatives

We know that text affordability and availability are big concerns. Most major textbook publishers do not sell to libraries, but sell directly to students, often at very high prices. Consider, as your colleagues have done, developing a Zero-Cost, Open Educational Resource (OER) Textbook. Please reach out to me if you would like assistance in identifying materials we have in our collection (articles, ebooks, streaming film) that could be useful when building an OER.

Links To Subscription Resources In Your Syllabus or Course Site

You can embed links to e-books, e-articles, and streaming videos from our collections. Use either the PermaLink from OneSearch, or use this prefix  before the URL to any subscription materials so students can authenticate from off campus.

Librarian In Your Blackboard Site

Let me know if you would like Carlos Cruz to link me into one or more of your Blackboard course pages. As an embedded librarian I can be more immediately available to your students. Another option would be to either link to or embed Library Chat Reference in your course. 

Service Alerts

Subscribe to service alerts from the library. Get timely information about any electronic resource access issues and outages. Service alerts will also appear on the library home page.