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Beth Evans, Librarian - Introduction and Quick Tips: Your Course

An introduction to the Brooklyn College librarian, Professor Beth Evans, and basic tips for doing research.

Spring 2023 / English 1012 / Professor Nurit Chinn

Spring 2023 / English 1012 / Professor Dorell Thomas

Spring 2022 / English 1012 / Professor Luciano Grigera-Naon

Library research sometimes feels like detective work. As your librarian for English 1012, I want to start us off together with a mystery I am hoping you can solve.

Listen a bit to the Youtube video below and then answer a few questions about this clip.

Spring 2022 / English 1012 / Professor Parker Menzimer

painting of refugees


Visit this polling website below and respond to the question. You may put in as many answers as you wish.

When the class meets for the library session on March 8, we will use the answers to construct a word cloud.


Spring 2022 / English 1012 / Professor Jordan Baum

Professor Baum has laid out in the syllabus the goals for the course:

Over the course of the semester we will read texts in which writers research neglected archives full of holes, gaps, erasures, mysteries, and insidious distractions. We will look to these texts as inspiration as you each write a research paper of your own, centered on a topic that requires you to trawl primary sources, confront errant or outdated secondary sources, and even to speculate and fabulate. 

Trawl through one primary source archive and listen to the voices of Brooklyn College students who attended the school during World War II. Phyllis LeShaw explains why she came to the college. Listen to her story, read some of the other stories and answer the questions below.

 bc girl on tractor

For more about what Brooklyn College students were doing during the 1940's, read about the farm labor project here and here.

Here are some links to other oral history projects from Brooklyn College.

More here:

And many more, less attractively displayed here:;browseType=undefined



Spring 2022 / English 1012 / Professor Diana Lobontiu

don quixoti statue

Are we still having classes online? I just wish we could get into the library. Here's the next best thing. Learn a little more about the Library by taking the Library Loop (required for English 1010 students) or the Transfer Loop (optional for all). Take a virtual tour of the Brooklyn College Library art collection, listen to the audio clips, and for Professor Lobontiu's class, be sure to take a look at the statue of Don Quixoti located on the first floor to the right of the reference desk.

The character of Don Quixoti is considered by some to be absurd. His adventures fit right in with the theme of your course. Watch the video below and find out why. Then answer a few questions about the five minute video.

Spring 2022 / English 1012 / Professor Melina Casados

Earlier in the semester Professor Casados asked you to find a song about America and add it to the playlist. Here's one for you. Have a listen to "American Idiot" by Green Day.

See if you can find a book about the song you chose, the composer who wrote the song, the musicians who sang the song, or the type of music the song exemplifies.