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Transfer Students: Welcome!


Greetings from the Library!

We welcome you as new transfer students to Brooklyn College, and hope your semester is going well.

We want to make sure you hear from us, and know about our resources and services: everything from finding scholarly research, to where the quiet study spaces are.

We have two resources you can use to find out about all that the Brooklyn College Library has to offer.

Click here to read and download a copy of the New Transfer Student Library Bulletin.

See below for information about the Transfer Student LOOP.

Good luck at Brooklyn College!

Transfer Student LOOP

The Transfer Student LOOP introduces you to how your library works, where you can study, how you can look for books and articles, where you can use a computer, and where you can ask for help.

After you’ve read through the LOOP, we’d like you to take the quiz at the end. This is not required; however, your taking it will give us a good sense of what transfer students already know about library services, and how the Library can improve getting important information to new transfer students.

We hope this orientation is helpful to you. When you have completed the quiz with a 70% or higher, print out your grade by clicking on My Grade, and bring this printout to the Reference Desk on the 1st floor of the Library to receive a special gift.

Click here to take the Transfer Student LOOP and its quiz.