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Create and Publish

This page offers information to help users create their own OERs

Things to consider when creating and publishing an OER

  • What kind of platform would you like to use?

  • Do you know about licensing? What types of licenses are on the resources you want to use?

  • Have fair use and copyright issues been covered?

  • Do you have all the citation and attribution information?

Steps to take to Create and Publish an OER

How to Create and Publish an OERs

  1. Make a rough plan of your OER content. Identify the most important concepts, skills, knowledge that students consistently struggle to learn and  consider enhancing the text with images, video and audio.
  2. Identify what materials you wish you use.
  3. Consult with your librarian to help identify additional materials. You can find a list of Subject Liaisons here.
  4. Consult with the Library’s Scholarly Communications Committee ( to make sure you have rights to the materials you wish to use.
  5. Be sure to properly cite and attribute other licensed materials:
  • Cite & Attribute: Citations for OER materials depend on the type of material being referenced. Use the Library's Citation Tools to quickly create citations based on a resources format.

Attribution Refers to the crediting of work to the copyright holder and is a frequent requirement of OER licensed materials.

  • ​​Licensing: Open education resources often have an intellectual property license attached that specifies how OERs can be used, reused, modified, and distributed. At the very least, licenses often require attribution to the OER creator when using the resource(s).

Creative Commons is the primary source for licensing OERs. To explore the types of licenses available, visit

Use the CreativeCommons License Chooser to determine what kind of license applies best to your OERs.

  1. Choose a platform to publish your OER. See below for a variety of platforms to choose from.
  2. Deposit your finished product in the CUNY institutional repository, Academic Works.

Please contact Prof. Miriam Deutch for assistance.

Platforms to use to publish OERs

Your OER can be created on various different platforms.  We can walk you through which platform would be best for the OER you are creating.

Creating and Combing Licences

Creative Commons Licensing

Code of Best Practices in Fair Use

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