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Other Libraries: Other Libraries

GovInfo (formerly FDSYS)

The official Government Printing Office site. Nearly exhaustive links to legislative, executive, and judicial branches of government information.

Library of Congress

The largest library in the world, with extensive digital resources which are accessible remotely. Search the library catalog.

New York State Library

As New York State employees, faculty are eligible to apply for a New York State Library Borrower's Card and will gain access to additional databases not available at the Brooklyn College Library


Combines the catalogs of thousands of libraries in the US and worldwide. Brooklyn College users can use WorldCat to directly request a book on Inter-library Loan.  There is also a free version at which allows to you search for items in libraries near you.

Digital Public Library of America

Provides access to digitized versions of public domain and open access resources from libraries, museums, and archives across the country.


A digital repository of public domain resources from the holdings of academic libraries in the US, Canada and Europe.

The Internet Archive

An extensive archive of digitized text, images and audiovisual material, as well as archived webpages and software, contributed to by individuals and organizations around the world.