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Other Libraries: Access to Area Libraries

Academic Libraries of Brooklyn

Academic Libraries of Brooklyn (ALB)

Brooklyn College is a member of the Academic Libraries of Brooklyn (ALB), an organization of eight Brooklyn-based college libraries. Students, faculty, and staff of any ALB institution are eligible to use and borrow materials of the other member libraries. Ask a Reference Librarian for a pass.

Long Island University

  • 1 University Plaza, Brooklyn, NY 11201
  • (718) 488-1338 / (718) 780-4513

Pratt Institute

  • 200 Willoughby Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11205
  • (718) 636-3420 / (718) 636-3704

NYU Dibner Library

Restricted access. See a Brooklyn College Librarian

  • Five MetroTech Center, Brooklyn, NY 11201
  • (718) 260-3530

 St. Francis College

  • 180 Remsen Street, Brooklyn, NY 11201
  • (718) 489-5307

St. Joseph's College

Restricted access. See a Brooklyn College Librarian

  • 222 Clinton Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11205
  • (718) 636-6858

Metro & MaRLI


The Brooklyn College Library belongs to METRO, a New York regional cooperative with over 250 member libraries, including most major research libraries in the area.  For a membership directory, click here, for information about the program, click here.

Thanks to METRO, the Brooklyn College Library can provide you with occasional on-site access to these collections when your research requires.  In addition to the four public library systems in the region, some private libraries with specialized collections may be open to the public.  Other libraries are open only under restricted circumstances with a referral from your campus library.  There is an agreement among libraries to grant limited access to private collections for researchers who need materials not found in public institutions.

A METRO card referral in issued by a reference librarian for the use, at a private university such as NYU or Columbia, of a specific book or journal that is not attainable at CUNY, through ILL, or in the public library.  Under another METRO agreement, under very special circumstances, a subject collection may be consulted for a short period.  A METRO referral does not allow the borrowing of the material.  The length of time that a researcher may utilize the material is determined by the host library.  For policies of individual libraries, please consult the library's web site.

Manhattan Research Libraries Initiative (MaRLI)

The Manhattan Research Libraries Initiative (MaRLI)  provides access to the collections of the research libraries at Columbia University, New York University and the New York Public Library.

CUNY faculty and PhD candidates who are affiliated with the CUNY Graduate Center may obtain borrowing privileges by demonstrating that they have exhausted the resources available through NYPL for their projects and need sustained access to the resources of the three institutions.  

To register for MaRLI as an NYPL-affiliated user or for more information about the program, please see the MaRLI website