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SPCL 7932 Practicum II: Course Calendar and All Readings



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Course Textbooks (free online)

Main Textbook:

Other Useful Books

Also, in addition to the NASP PREPaRE curriculum, the following textbooks may be helpful to you as you work on your Prevention and Crisis Intervention Improvement Plan.

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Calendar of Readings and Work - SPRING 2024

Date (Tues & Weds) Topic Assignment

Jan 30-T

Jan 31-W

Introduction, review of syllabus & course expectations; Prevention & crisis intervention improvement plan Lionetti Ch 1Ch 12

Feb 6-T

Feb 7-W
Social justice in schools; sign up for SJ cases and Team Meeting presentations Lionetti Ch 2

Feb 13-T

Feb 14-W
Various roles of a school psychologist in the school setting Lionetti Ch 3; Practicum Plan Due

Feb 20-T

Feb 21-W

Team Meetings (PPT, CST, SIT, etc.): What are they and what purpose do they serve? Lionetti Ch 4
Feb 28-W *Conversion Day-Follow a Monday Schedule*  

Feb 27-T

Mar 6-W
Consultation with teachers, administration and support staff Lionetti Ch 5

Mar 5-T

Mar 13-W
Parent Engagement Lionetti Ch 6

Mar 12-T

Mar 20-W
The Assessment Process: How to choose the appropriate assessments based on reason for referral Lionetti Ch 7; Logs and Journals DUE

Mar 19-T

Mar 27-W
Creating an IEP draft: How to determine the appropriate placement and services for a student Lionetti Ch 8

Mar 26-T

Apr 3-W
IEP Meetings: Participants, process, and outcome. Lionetti Ch 9

Apr 2-T

Apr 10-W
Manifestation Determination Reviews (MDRs) Lionetti Ch 10

Apr 9-T

Apr 17-W
Continuum of Services: Special education services available to students with disabilities (Review) Lionetti Ch 11

Apr 16-T

May 1-W
Suicide Assessment- Steps taken to determine if a student is at risk Lionetti Ch 13; Improvement Plan due Evaluation Due May 7

Apr 23, Apr 30-T

Apr 24-W
Spring Recess- No classes  

May 7-T

May 8-W
Distinguishing a Learning Disability from Language Acquisition Lionetti Ch 14; Practicum Review DUE

May 14-T

May 15-W
ENL students: How are they identified, followed, and what services are available for them Logs/Journals DUE; Final time sheets due and approved by supervisor.

May 21-T

May 22-W

Use this week to finalize any missing documents and forms and complete hours at Practicum site.