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Library Public Policies: ID Policy

Tangible and Digital Brooklyn College Photo ID Policy


Brooklyn College issues a tangible (plastic) photo ID to all students as well as a convenient digital ID available in the BC Navigator App.

A digital or tangible BC photo ID is required for a number of library activities:
  • To borrow materials. Learn more.
  • To borrow laptops, along with a secondary photo ID. Learn more.
  • To reserve group study, screen sharing rooms, or a seat in LaGuardia RR.  A Cleared4 pass and a photo ID. Learn more.
  • For use of books from the Archives in the Reserve Reading Room or for scanning in the library only. Archival materials may not leave the building. Learn more.
Please note that the BC digital ID may not be accepted for access at all CUNY campuses and their libraries, please be prepared to present your tangible ID when visiting other CUNY campuses and their libraries.