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PRLS 1001: Introduction to Puerto Rican and LatinX Studies (Ortíz-Minaya): Week 4: The Birth of Area Studies

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Week 4

Portrait of man wearing Puerto Rico t-shirt

Attribution:[Alex Barth] (2007) Puerto Rico [Flickr image] Retrieved from (CC BY 2.0)

The Emergence of Puerto Rican Studies, Latinx Studies, and PRLS Departmental Background (1960’s-1990’s; 1990-2016)

Week 4

  • Terminology--Puerto Ricans, Latin@s, Hispanics, Latin Americans, Americans in the Americas
  • Before Plymouth Rock and Bypassing Ellis Island: Latin@ (Im)migration waves.
  • Being in/Coming to “America,” Part I
  • Mexicans: Strangers in their own land: 1848-2021
  • Puerto Ricans: an unique status, 1898-1917; 1917-1970; 1970-2007/8; 2008-2021
  • Cuban refugees, 1902-1959; 1959-1980; 1980-2021
  • Dominican immigrants; 1945-1960; 1961-1984; 1984-2021

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