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PRLS 1001: Introduction to Puerto Rican and LatinX Studies (Ortíz-Minaya): Week 13: The Pitfals of Identity Politics and the Limits of Orthodox Methods of Resistance

Current week's course work schedule

Week 13:

  • Quijano, A., & Wallerstein, I. (1992). Americanity as a concept, or the Americas in the modern world-system


  • Oboler, Suzanne (2007) Latinas/os and the (Re)racializing of US Society and Politics
  • Duany, Jorge. (2005). "Neither White nor Black: The Representation of Racial Identity Among Puerto Ricans on the Island and in the U.S. Mainland"
  • Pérez y González, M. (2000). Puerto Ricans in the United States

Readings: Week 13

  • Latin American Racial Hierarchy
  • Racial and Cultural Integration
  • Racialization in the United States

Readings: Week 13 (Recommended)