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Access to the Library: About

This guide provides information on access to the Brooklyn College Library for alumni/ae, friends, and the wider community of patrons.

Brooklyn College VISITOR COVID-19 Restrictions

Brooklyn College VISITOR COVID-19 Restrictions

Visitors should consult the Brooklyn College Visitors page for the most up-to-date Campus Access Status.

The Library/AIT is a division of Academic Affairs, so visitors to the Library should contact Joanne Sinclair for clearance to enter BC campus.


  • Non-Brooklyn College CUNY students and other visitors MAY use Library computers (including internet).
  • Non-BC affiliated library visitors can request one-day login credentials to use the library public computers from the circulation desk using either their EMPLID or some official form of ID to create an account.
  • Non-Brooklyn College CUNY students and other visitors CANNOT use  BC WiFi at this time (there is no longer a "guest WiFi" option)

Priority of Users 


Priority of Users

Please note that Brooklyn College students have priority, at all times, over all other categories of patrons.  Please keep that in mind when reading the charts in this guide.

Access Fall, 2022

  • Current Brooklyn College and CUNY students, faculty and staff have access to the library.  Please consult the Returning Safely Together page for details on campus access requirements.
  • Visitors should consult the Brooklyn College COVID-19  Campus Restricted Access Policies for Visitors. The Library/AIT is a division of Academic Affairs, so at this time a visitor would contact Joanne Sinclair for clearance to enter BC campus.



Access and borrowing privileges at Brooklyn College Library are limited to CUNY students, faculty, and staff; Brooklyn College alumni/ae;  (alumni/ae only have access privileges)  and individuals from certain affiliate institutions

Brooklyn College issues a tangible (plastic) photo ID to all students, staff and faculty.  Brooklyn College also has a convenient digital ID available in the BC Navigator App.

  • Valid CUNY tangible ID or Valid Digital ID cards are required for access to the Library.· 
  • A tangible BC photo ID is required for first-time library barcode activation - necessary to borrow materials. Thereafter, a digital ID can be used to charge library materials.  
  •  A tangible BC photo ID is required, along with a secondary photo ID, to borrow laptops, from the New Media Center.
  • A tangible BC ID is needed to reserve group study and screen sharing rooms.
  • BC digital ID may not be accepted for access at other  CUNY Libraries, please be prepared to present your tangible ID when visiting other CUNY campuses and their libraries.
  • Tangible BC ID is needed for use of Archival materials outside the Archives such as  books that are left at the  Reference Desk for afterhours use or microfilm used on the Lower Level.

Due to limited resources, Brooklyn College Library generally cannot accommodate members of the public or students and faculty from other universities and colleges.

Please see the tabs in this guide for more information.

Contact Information

Library Circulation Desk 718-951-5328


Chat with a Librarian