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Heritage Language Programs: Russian 1038

A Collection of OERs

About Russian 1038


1038 Basic Writing and Reading Skills for Heritage Speakers

3 hours, 1 hour multimedia laboratory; 3 credits. Prerequisite: permission of the chairperson. 

Fundamentals of writing and reading for students whose knowledge of Russian is limited to spoken communication. Emphasis on spelling, word order, and verb tenses, based on authentic literary and nonliterary texts. Practice in written self-expression. Qualifies as a LOTE (Language Other Than English) course for Pathways College Option purposes. 

Syllabus: Russian 1038

Heritage Language Classes

Russian 1038


Week 1: Introductions: The Russian Language

CUNY NYSIEB reading 

Reading Russian Language “About language formation”; “What is Russian”

Video: Introduction to Russian Language; About Russians; Characteristics of a Russian; Speaking Russian vs. Being Russian


Week 2: About Friendship

Assignment #1 Due: Linguistic Autobiography (essay) and Oral Presentation

Reading Short Story about friendship and family

Video: Importance of grammar - pronouns

Practice: grammar and structure


Week 3: Russian in Global Context

Reading comparative story; Chekov short story

Video: Importance of grammar; contemporaries interview skills

Practice: Asking questions; Russian culture surveying young adults


Week 4: History of Russian through Oral History and Fairytales

Reading Russian Fairytales; Oral stories

Video: welcome to the world of Slavic fairytales and oral stories

Practice: charting and adjective hunt

Assignment # 2 Favorite character in Slavic mythology and fairytales


Week 5: Russian in Social Context

Reading conversations in Russian for different generations; Culture and language through greetings

Practice: verbs of motion; writing of greetings


Week 6 Linguistic Variations of Russian Language

Presentation on Russian culture

Video: Russian idioms; artistic presentation of Russian alphabet; use of Russian in modern advertising

Practice: phrasal verbs; idioms in Russian language


Week 7 The Brooklyn College Listening Project: The Oral History Interview 

Video: contemporaries interview; Dave Isay – Everyone has a story the world needs to hear.


Week 8 Culture and Lifestyle

Roots of Russian culture from Ivan the Terrible to modern times

Using modern cinema “Hipsters”

Practice adjectives as characterization


Week 9 Language and Education

Video: understanding the structure of Russian language

Practice: understanding words derived from same roots; word hunt





Week 10 Comparative Language

Learning language through proverbs and comparing the meaning in English

Presentation using Proverbs like a native

Reading about terms, which don’t translate

Reading and Practice using idioms in context


Week 11 Russian Roots in Food

Video and presentation how have Russians lived in rural areas

Reading about importance of jam in Russia culture

Practice shapes and colors in culture and understanding of how Russians used their land for food needs.

Assignment # 3 creating your own Jam (Preserves) with recipe


Week 12  Oral History Project Questions are due and corrected in groups

Presentation Traditions in Russian Speaking homes

Assignment # 4 Oral History Interview Due week 14 /15


Week 13 Holiday Traditions in Russian Culture

Presentation about Traditions

Reading and practice learning about traditions in contemporary Russian culture


Week 14 Oral History Project Presentations / Reflections


Week 15 Oral History Project Presentations / Reflections

Russian Image Gallery

more russian spires
russian garden
russian cathedral
russian building
Russian badges and Uniforms
minarets at night
bear picnic
Russian Toys
Russian Double Eagle
St. Nicholas
costume people
russian spires
russian cursive makes me crazy
russian dolls
Russian Foods

Course Resources: Russian 1038:

Week 1 Introductions: The Russian Language

Week 2: Linguistic account: My Family, My Friends and I

Week 3: Russian culture in global context

Week 4: Language through Oral History

Week 5: Language in Social Context

Week 6: Linguistic Variation

Week 7: Heritage Listening Project

Week 8: Culture and Style

Week 9: Language and Education

Week 10: Comparative language

Week 11 - Russian through Food

Week 12: Introduction to Contemporary Heritage Project

Week 13: Holiday Traditions in Russian Culture