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ENGL 1012: Climate Change: Final Tips

Final Recommendations

13. Try searches in one or more of the remaining recommended databases (Project Muse, SAGE Premier, ScienceDirect, etc.) and see what you find. Research is time-consuming, but you want to make sure you’re being comprehensive in your searching so you can find the best scholarly soures for your research topic.

Remember, even finding one article is a great start! Take a look at the bibliography and it will lead you to other sources. Use OneSEARCH to check to see whether the BC Library owns that source.


14. Hopefully this guide is enough to get you started searching for articles on topics related to to climate change using the BC Library’s databases. For additional help and answers to any of your questions, use the Library’s Ask a Librarian service or contact Helen Georgas, the literature librarian, directly at


Good luck!