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ENGL 1012: Climate Change: oneSEARCH


7.  oneSEARCH is the primary search tool to look for books and articles in the Library’s collections.

Go to the big search box on the Library’s website. This is oneSEARCH - the main search engine for the Library’s collections. It searches print books, e-books, e-book chapters and many (but not all) of our article databases at the same.



While oneSEARCH understands natural language searches, it is good to get into the habit of setting up your searches in terms of key words and phrases, and linking them together using AND.


For example, if your research question is something like “how capitalism, and more specifically, oil corporations, have contributed to the current climate crisis,” then some possible searches to try would be:


     capitalism AND “climate change”

     corporations AND “global warming”

     (capitalism OR corporations) and “climate change’

     “fossil fuels” AND “climate change

     “oil industry” AND “climate change” 


Tips for searches: Don’t use full sentences or questions

                             Break your topic down into keywords and phrases

                             Link keywords or key phrases together with AND

                             Use OR for synonyms or alternate terms

                             Use quotes to search for an exact phrase



Sample results from oneSEARCH:



The first result is an ebook chapter, the second result is an article in a scholarly (peer reviewed) journals. Note the PEER REVIEWED tag beneath the citation. Click on the “Full text available” link to get access to the full-text of the source.

To limit your search to ONLY peer reviewed articles in OneSEARCH, click on the “Peer Reviewed Journals” filter on the left-hand side of your search results. To limit your search to ONLY online sources (not print), click on the “Full Text Online” filter.




Now that you’ve found some sources using oneSEARCH, let’s go into some article databases. The Brooklyn College Library subscribes to over 400 different article databases and although oneSEARCH searches a lot of them at the same time, it doesn’t search all of them.