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ENGL 1012: English Composition II: Expository Writing: Student Version: Home

Student Version of ENG 1012

Course Description: Objectives

Bulletin Description: ENGL *1012 English Composition II: Seminar in Expository Writing

3 hours and conference; 3 credits
Writing-intensive seminar focusing on a topic chosen by the instructor. Provides students with an opportunity to explore a particular subject in depth and further develop skills of critical thinking, research techniques, and clear expression necessary for academic writing. Students should take English *1012 [2] directly after completing English 1010 [1]. Topics include: The Fool in Literature; Reading the City; 1960s: Decade of Revolt; Novels of the Jazz Age; Cross-Cultural Writing and the Arts. Satisfies Pathways Required Core English composition requirement.

Discussion:  This is a composition class in which students will further develop the expository writing and critical thinking skills that they cultivated in English 1010 and study a literary topic. The course will culminate in a research paper that students on which work on throughout the semester. Through their engagement with a variety of texts, including fiction, nonfiction, and/or poetry, students will develop their skills in summarizing, close reading, literary analysis, critical thinking, argumentation, and research.

Course Objectives

Students who successfully complete this course will be able to:

  • Read and think critically
  • Understand how language operates
  • Express ideas–both orally and in writing–correctly, cogently, persuasively, and in conformity with the conventions of the discipline
  • Conduct research and write a research paper

List of ENG 1012 Instructors, Spring 2020

Instructor Section Code  Type
Adler, Natalie M2AF 36840  
Arnold, Matthew ECD  39379 BCA 
Aubrey, Stephen T9BH 36115 HONORS
Bajana, Christopher  ECA & ECC  36878 & 38322 BCA 
Bangser, Adam M9AF & MWTB 36842 & 36851  
Barnes, Madeline T2BF 36884  
Batkin, Alex T9BQ 37559  
Baum, Jordan  MW9B 36881  
Belski, Lauren U9 38234 WKND
Bleecker, Claire T2AF 36883  
Blevins, Andrew MTBF 36850  
Borja, Joshua MW3A 38232  
Brasse, Adesh T8AF 36887  
Cappelluti, Christopher MW5A 36876  
Cardinale, Joseph  TR2D/T2BQ 36908/37554  
Celia, Alexander ECB  38320 BCA 
Champney, Catherine M2BF 36860  
Climaldi, Alexa M3AF 36841  
Cooper, Elizabeth  TR3A 36910  
Cottrell, John MW8A 36879  
Crawford, Grant MWTE 38231  
Crum, Madeline TR8A 38238  
Diehl, Heidi TR2C/T2AQ 36885/38243  
Donly, Corinne MWTH 36080 HONORS
Duckworth, Katherine MWTG 38240  
Flanagan, Kyle MW2A & MWEQ/MWEC 36853 & 38366/38366  
Gaille, Anneysa MWTC 38228  
Gallagher, Justin MEAQ & MW8F 37555 & 36877 SEEK 
Hajduk, Miranda MW9C 38237  
Henry, Amina  M9AQ/MW9A & MWEA 37549/36880 & 38226 SEEK 
Kamerling, Alexandra T9BF 36904  
Keller, Anna STR 37233 STAR
Keuning, Lorna S9 36882 WKND
Kielsgard, Erika MWTA 36852  
Killian, Amanda M12Q 37550  
Kim, Diana TR9b 36915  
King, Michelle ETR6 36913 SGS 
Kozlowski, Tom T9AF 36903  
Lama, Chime M9BF 36843  
LaMalfa, Zachary T9AH 37553 HONORS
Lloyd, Zachary  TREQ 37551  
Lopez, Kennia TR3F 36886  
Maag, Tai TR3B 37876  
Minter, Geoffrey  MEAF 36844  
Newman, William MW2B 36854  
Penn, Susan STRA 36907 STAR
Perez, Andre TR8C 54137  
Pham, Drew MWEB & MW9 38227 & 36922  
Radtke, Michelle ECD  38323 BCA 
Ranger, April MEBQ 37552 SEEK 
Recordon, Erika MW2D 38230  
Redmond, Patrick  MWTD 38229 STAR
Ritiau, Esther TREB 36912  
Roe, Erica TREC 39328  
Sands, Jonathan MW2C/MW2Q 36861/38241 SEEK 
Schaedler, Steven TR3D 54131  
Schecter, Erica TR2B 36909  
Stoughton, Andrew TR5A 36911  
Stubbs, Lisa T9CQ/TR9C & TR3C 38242/37264 & 38235 SEEK 
Sultana, Iffat STRC & T9AQ/TR9D 37860 & 37558/36916 STAR
Suprenant, Kelly TR2A 38236  
Sy, Cherry Lou MEBF  36848  
Treasure, Hannah MTAF 36849  
Voss, Jeff TEAF 36905  
Watters, Tom M9BQ/MW9D & MW8F 39319/39318 & 37252 SEEK 
Weinstein, Jillian EMW6 36839 SGS 
Wilkerson, Joshua TREA 36917  
Wright, Joshua MW3B 38233  
& = additional section       
/ = cross-listed (i.e., same section)      

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