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CLAS 1110: Tyranny, Democracy and Empire: Liv Yarrow

Departmental OER for Classics 1110

About Liv Yarrow

photo of Liv Yarrow

I came to BC in 2005 and have taught this course nearly every semester since.  It doesn’t get old.  Our world changes and as that happens how we think about the past changes.

In professional contexts, I like to be called Prof. Yarrow (pronounced: ‘YAR-o’).

Email is the best way to reach me:

BUT for office hours you must make an appointment: go to WebCentral –> E-Services –> Schedule an Appointment –> Select ‘CLASSICS’ from the dropdown menu of departments –> Select the most appropriate option from the drop down menu of types of appointments you need (choose your class section if it is listed!) –> update your preferred email and add a note about why you want to meet in the comments field –> select the appointment time that’s most convenient for you!

To leave a phone message or let me know you’re running late for a meeting, you can call 718 951 5191. My office is 2407a Boylan Hall right across from the Classics Main Office.


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