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CLAS 1110 (2018): Tyranny, Democracy and Empire: Greek Authors

Departmental OER for Classics 1110

Homer: 800-700 BCE

Hesiod: 750-650 BCE

Sappho: c. 620-570 BCE

Pompeii fresco of female musician, link to Sappho page

Sappho: c. 620-570 BCE

Plato: 428-347 BCE

Herodotus: c. 484–c. 425 BCE

Aeschylus: c. 525 – c. 456 BCE

Sophocles: c. 497-405 BCE

Aristotle: 384-322 BCE

Euripides: c. 480 – c. 406 BCE

Thucydides:c.460-400 BCE

Aristophanes: 446-385 BCE

Menander: 342-292 BCE