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CLAS 1110 (2018): Tyranny, Democracy and Empire: JoAnn Luhrs

Departmental OER for Classics 1110

About JoAnn Luhrs

Joanne Luhrs

Books from Book List


JoAnn Luhrs           CLAS 1110     Spring 2018   TR11Q


1/30      TBL definition, groups fixed and syllabus given out

2/1        IRAT, TRAT on syllabus, introduction to course layout

2/6        Iliad Books 1, 3 Learning Application (LA)

2/8        Iliad Books 6, 9 L A

2/13      Iliad Books 16, 18 L A

2/15      Iliad Books 22, 24 L A

2/22      IRAT, TRAT, Peer Evaluation form

2/27      Thucydides handout on background of Athens, Sparta L A

3/1        Thucydides, Pericles’ Funeral Oration (text), Gettysburg Address, President     

               Obama’s Speech in packet L A

3/6        Pericles’ Plague speech (text), L A

3/8        IRAT, TRAT

3/13      Draft of Thucydides papers - thesis- worked on in teams

3/15      Oedipus the King  lines 1-635  L A

3/20      MIDTERM

3/22      Oedipus the King lines 636-end L A

3/27      Medea   lines 1-660  L A First paper due

3/29      Medea  lines 661-end  L A

3/30-4/8      SPRING BREAK

4/10      IRAT, TRAT, Peer Evaluation form

4/12      Clouds lines 1-626 L A

4/17      Clouds lines 627-end   L A

4/19      Plato’s Apology L A

4/24      Plato’s Crito L A

4/26      IRAT, TRAT, Peer evaluation form

5/1        Final paper’s rough draft worked on in teams

5/3       Aeneid Books 1, 4 L A

5/8       Aeneid Books 6, 12 L A

5/10     Suetonius’ Julius Caesar in packet L A     Final Paper due

5/12     IRAT, TRAT     Review

Here is the original book list for this class:


Homer,Iliad-translated by R. Lattimore, U. of Chicago Press
Thucydides,On Justice, Power and Human Nature-trans. by Woodruff, Hackett Publ.
Sophocles, Oedipus the King-trans. by Grene and Lattimore, U. of Chicago Press
Euripides, Medea-trans. by Grene and Lattimore, U. of Chicago Press
Aristophanes, Clouds-trans. by Jeffrey Henderson, Focus Publ.
Plato, The Trial and Death of Socrates-trans. by H.M. Grube, Hackett Publ.
Virgil, Aeneid-trans. by Fitzgerald, Vintage Press