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CASD 2481 Diagnostic Audiology: Home

Dorothy Neave-DiToro

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Dorothy Neave-DiToro, AuD
Room 4424 Boylan Hall
Phone: (718) 951-5186

Course Overview:

This course covers disorders of hearing, measurement of hearing through pure tone and speech audiometry, and interpretation of audiometric test results.

Course Objectives:

  1. Describe the anatomy and physiology of the hearing mechanism.
  2. Explain the various pathologies of the outer, middle and inner ear.
  3. Perform procedures for determining degree of hearing loss and interpret results.
  4. Perform procedures for differentiating among conductive, sensorineural, and mixed hearing losses, and interpret results.
  5. Perform middle-ear analysis using immittance instrumentation.
  6. Perform procedures for differentiating between cochlear versus retrocochlear pathology and interpret results.
  7. Perform procedures for determining functional hearing loss and hearing loss in children, and interpret results.
  8. Calculate masking levels for pure-tone and speech.
  9. Discuss otoacoustic emissions, auditory processing, auditory evoked potentials.
  10. Explain the process of rehabilitation and habilitation.


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