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ANTH 3360: Language Loss: Culture, Politics and Self: Unit 3: How to live with language(s)

Language Loss: Culture, Politics, and Self

Schedule: Unit 3

  •  Oct. 2: Read: Orellana book—Introduction and chapter 1
    • Due: Small Assignment #2: What is the value of language? What does it mean to try to save a language? Make a connection to a reading and class discussion.
  • Oct. 7: Guest speaker—EMILY FAIREY ON STORY MAPS
  • Oct. 16: Read: Orellana book—Chapters 2 and 3
  • Oct. 21: Guest speaker— Ross Perlin, Endangered Language Alliance (ELA)
    • Look at: Endangered Language Alliance’s website. Watch some videos, read about the languages and people they work with.
  • Oct. 23: Read: Orellana—Chapters 4 and 5
  • Oct. 28: Work Day
  • Oct. 30: Read: Orellana—Chapters 6 and 7
    • Due: Small assignment #3: What does Orellana say about the role of kids’ translation in the communities she studied? How does continuing to use their home language help or hinder kids and in what ways? Make sure to refer to the text and our class discussions
  • Nov. 4: Work Day
  • Nov. 6: Read: Urla, Jacqueline, Estibaliz Amorrortu, Ane Ortega, and Jone Goirigolzarri 2017.
  • Nov. 11: Workday
  • Nov. 13: Read: Shankar, Shalini 2011.
  • Nov. 18: Work Day
    • Due: Small Assignment #4: What do the situations of immigrant/minority languages and so-called endangered languages have in common? How do they differ?
  • Nov. 20: Read: Bernard C. Perley 2012.
    • Anthropology in Practice Profile on Bernard C. Perley.
  • Nov. 25: Work Day
  • Nov. 27: Read: TBA
  • Dec.2: Work Day
  • Dec. 4: Class presentations
  • Dec. 9: Class presentations
  • Dec. 11: Class presentations
    • Small Assignment #5: What is the best thing to do with a language that is being used and spoken less that in the past? Reflect on your own projects, our class readings and discussions to try to pose an answer.
  • Final Research Projects Due

Resources: Unit 3