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ANTH 3360: Language Loss: Culture, Politics and Self: Unit 2: What is revitalization?

Language Loss: Culture, Politics, and Self

Schedule: Unit 2

  • Sept. 16: Read: Davis, Jenny L. 2016 
    • Watch: Heenetiineyoo3eihiiho' (Language Healers)
  • Small Assignment #1: Does it matter if you lose your language? If so, how and why? If not, why not? Make a connection to a reading and class discussion.
  • Sept 18: Read: Schwartz, Saul 2018

    • Watch: Living Quechua

  • Sept. 23: Read: Barrett, Rusty 2016

  • Sept. 25: Read: Cavanaugh, Jillian R. 2016 

  • Sept. 30—No Class

Resources: Unit 2