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ANTH 3360: Language Loss: Culture, Politics and Self: Home

Language Loss: Culture, Politics, and Self

About ANTH 3360: Language Loss

What does it mean to lose or risk losing your language? What is the value of language, to speakers, to experts like anthropologists, to humanity more broadly? This course explores answers to these questions through thinking about language as a cultural practice and object, a political activity and topic, and something that is deeply entwined with speakers’ senses of self. We will consider case studies from the US immigrant experience as well as cases of language endangerment and loss around the globe. To analyze these issues more immediately, students will do a research project about a language in Brooklyn, which will involve mapping ethnographic research, photographic, interviews, and other evidence to tell a story about a particular language’s current vitality.

Course Information

Language Loss: Culture, Politics, and Self

ANTH 3360

Fall 2019

Monday-Wednesday 12:50-2:05pm

3305 James

Prof. Jillian R. Cavanaugh


Office: James 3307

Phone: (718)951-5000 ex.3203

Office hours: Wednesday 2:15-4 , OR by appointment