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New York Times Academic Pass

CUNY offers an Academic Pass to the Digital New York Times to CUNY faculty, students and staff! Click the image to register and learn more.  Please note that you will need to re-register annually.

Wall Street Journal

Free Subscription to the Wall Street Journal

CUNY is providing free access to the online subscription Wall Street Journal. Create an individual account using your Brooklyn College email address. Professors and staff retain WSJ access for one year after activating. You will be asked to re-activate in one year. Students creating accounts are required to input graduation date and year. This becomes the account expiration date. Students who graduate later than expected and lose access can always re-activate accounts. If you already have an account, call 1-800-568-7625) to switch from paid account to a Brooklyn College account and receive a balance refund.

Librarian for the School of Business, Sociology, Children and Youth Studies, and Linguistics