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Cite Your Sources: APA examples

Learn tips and tricks for finding, creating and citing your sources!

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Sample APA Citations

Book, print:

 Theoharis, J. (2013). The rebellious life of Mrs. Rosa Parks. Boston, MA: Beacon Press. 

Book, electronic:

Nuzzo, A. (2008). Ideal embodiment: Kant's theory of sensibility. Bloomington: Indiana University Press. Retrieved from

Chapter in a book/selection from an anthology, print:

Estey, K. (2014). "The parades: Evolving views of God and country and the IWW in Lawrence." In The Great Lawrence Textile Strike of 1912. Amityville, NY: Baywood.

Peer Reviewed Article, electronic:

Thompson, B., Kellas, J. K., Soliz, J., Thompson, J., Epp, A., & Schrodt, P. (2009). Family legacies: Constructing individual and family identity through intergenerational storytelling. Narrative Inquiry, 19(1), 106-134. doi:10.1075/ni.19.1.07tho

Peer Reviewed Article, Print:

Lewis, T. (2011). Thick conservation networks and thin pollution networks in Ecuador's environmental organizations. Journal of Natural Resources Policy Research 3(3), 315-27.

Magazine article, print:

Alex, V. (2014, December 29). We need less policing. The Nation, 4-4.

Newspaper Article, online:

Swarns, R. (2014, June 9). Degree? Check. Enthusiasm? Check. Job? Not so fast. New York Times. Retrieved March 10, 2015, from

Entire Website: (n.d.). Retrieved March 10, 2015, from

How to make a Hanging Indent

Most word processing programs will allow you to automatically create a hanging indent for your list of reference/works cited.  Typically you will find it in the paragraph menu.  It is also possible to use the ruler to do it. 

You can find out more about it by asking a librarian or a classmate who might know.  You can always do an internet search for the name of your word processing program. For example you could type in "how do I make hanging indent in Microsoft Word 2013?"