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PHYS 3300: Electrical Circuit Analysis: Part 3

An OER Textbook for the Brooklyn College Coordinated Engineering and Engineering Honors Programs, by Viraht Sahni

Lecture 29A - Sinusoidal Steady State Analysis

Lecture 29B - Forced Sinusoidal Response

Lecture 30 - The Complex Forcing Function

Lecture 31A - The Phasor

Lecture 31B - Phasor Relationships for R, L ,and C

Lecture 32 - Kirchhoff's Laws Using Phasors

Lecture 33 - Nodal and Mesh Analysis Using Phasors

Lecture 34A - AC Power Analysis

Lecture 34B - Average Power

Lecture 35 - Maximum Power Transfer; Effective Values; Apparent Power; Power Factor

Lecture 36A - The Complex Frequency (Part 1)

Lecture 36B - Complex Frequency (Part 2); Definitions of Two-Sided and One-Sided Laplace Transforms

Lecture 37A - Laplace Transforms of Simple Time Functions; Inverse Transform Techniques (part 1)

Lecture 37B - Inverse Transform Techniques (Part 2); Time Differentiation and Integration Theorems

Lecture 38 - The Time-Shift, Initial Value, and Final Value Theorem

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