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PHYS 3300: Electrical Circuit Analysis: Home

An OER Textbook for the Brooklyn College Coordinated Engineering and Engineering Honors Programs, by Viraht Sahni

About Physics 3300

4 hours; 4 credits Passive and active circuit elements; Voltage, current, and power. Kirchhoff's laws; mesh and nodal analysis; Circuit analysis techniques: Linearity and Superposition; Source transformations; Thevenin's and Norton's theorems; The Operational Amplifier; Capacitors and inductors; Source-free and forced RL, RC, and RLC circuits; Sinusoidal steady state analysis; AC circuit power analysis; Complex frequency and the Laplace transform. (Not open to students who are enrolled in or have completed Physics 13 or 13.1 or 4200 [61.5].) Prerequisite: Physics *2150 [2.5]. Prerequisite or co-requisite: Mathematics 2206 [13]. Although only 4 credits are awarded formally in this course, there are in fact 35 Lectures of 100 minutes each, equivalent to time spent on a 6 credit course.  

Unless otherwise noted, this OER for Physics 3300 is created by Professor Viraht Sahni for Brooklyn College and is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Non Commercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License. Site design and formatting by Emily Fairey OER Developer (Brooklyn College)