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PHYS 3300: Electrical Circuit Analysis: Part 2

An OER Textbook for the Brooklyn College Coordinated Engineering and Engineering Honors Programs, by Viraht Sahni

Lecture 17 - Inductance (Part 1)

Lecture 17B - Inductance (Part 2)

Lecture 18A - Capacitance (Part 1)

Lecture 18B - Capacitance (Part 2)

Lecture 19 - Inductance and Capacitance Combinations

Lecture 20: Source-Free RL and RC Circuits

Lecture 21 - The General RL Circuit

Lecture 22A - Simple and General RC circuit (Part 1)

Lecture 22B: RC Circuit (Part 2)

Lecture 23 - The Application of the Unit-Step Forcing Function

Lecture 24A - Unit-Step Forced RL Circuit (Part 1)

Lecture 24B - Unit-Step Forced RC Circuit (Part 2)

Lecture 25A - The RLC Circuit; Source-Free Parallel RLC Circuit

Lecture 25B - The Overdamped Parallel RLC Circuit

Lecture 26A - The Critically Damped Parallel RLC Circuit

Lecture 26B - The Underdamped Parallel RLC Circuit

Lecture 27 - The Source-Free RLC Circuit

Lecture 28 - The Complete Response of the RLC Circuit

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