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ENGL 2301: Creative Writing: Home

A course of Prof. Michelle Radtke

About ENGL 2301: Creative Writing

Brooklyn College
The City University of New York
2301 Introduction to Creative Writing: Spring 2021 

The Course

            This is an introductory creative writing class in which you will read and analyze great writing, and have a go at writing your own great fiction, plays, and poems. We will consider how these forms of creative expressions of operate— what can we learn from the poet's attention to language and imagery, from the fiction writer's development of character and plot, from the playwright's skill with dialogue, pacing and engaging an audience? We will examine exemplary texts and discuss how and why the author made particular craft and technical choices. We will also see what happens when a short story, a play or a poem is interpreted in film.

The goal for this class is for you to find a way to tap into, and become acquainted with, your creative voice. You’ll learn methods to help you turn off your pesky self-editor and you will be encouraged to take risks. Analyzing and experimenting with new modes of storytelling will help you gain a deeper understanding of your own writing process, and in turn, will offer you so many new creative possibilities for your own work.