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Annual Author Reception: 2018

See the books published by Brooklyn College faculty and staff!

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Photo of the 2018 Honorees

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2018 Honorees

Book Party Poster

Exploring the Earth System 2nd ed.

by Stephen U. Aja and Constantin Cranganu

Brooklyn - Stacks - QB631 .A53x 2017


The Rabbi's Atheist Daughter

by Bonnie S. Anderson

Brooklyn - Special Collections - CUNY (XBC) (HQ1413 .R6 A53 2016

Building Power from Below

by Carolina Bank Muñoz

Brooklyn - Stacks - HF5429.215 .C5 .B36 2017

Walmart in the Global South

by Carolina Bank Muñoz

Brooklyn - Stacks -   HF5429.215 .D44 W35 2018


Giovanni Allevi. Piano Concerto N.1.

Jeffrey Biegel, piano

Brooklyn Music - Phonodiscs - CD 4719

United States Air Force Concert Band and Singing Sergeants. Spirit of the Season IV.

Jeffrey Biegel, arranger

Brooklyn Music - Phonodiscs - CD 4723

Mario Luzi. Sotto Specie Umana = Under Human Species

Luigi Bonaffini, trans.

Brooklyn - Stacks - PQ4827.U9 S6813 2018

Turn That Thing Off! Collaboration and Technology in 21st-Century Actor Training

by Rose Burnett Bonczek, Roger Manix and David Storck

Brooklyn - Stacks - PN2075 .B58 2017

Global Street Design Guide

Anita Bulan, ed.

Brooklyn - Stacks - HE305 .N323 2015


Language and Materiality

Jillian R. Cavanaugh and Shalini Shankar, eds.

Brooklyn - Stacks - P35 .L264 2017

Loving Immigrants in America: An Experiential Philosophy of Personal Interaction

by Daniel G. Campos

Brooklyn - Stacks - B936 .C36 2017

Final Cut Pro X: Advanced Video Editing

by Young Cheong

Brooklyn - Stacks - TR899 .Y694x 2017


The Theory of Nilpotent Groups

by Anthony E. Clement, Stephen Majewicz and Marcos Zyman

Brooklyn - Stacks - QA177 .C54x 2017

New Black Soul

by Kobie Colemon

Brooklyn - Stacks - E185.96 .C65x 2017

IN-ISLAND: Staten Island Photographs

by Edward Coppola

Brooklyn - Stacks - F127 .S7 C67x 2017

Exploring the Earth System 2nd ed.

by Constantin Cranganu and Stephen U. Aja

Brooklyn - Stacks - QB631 .A53x 2017

A Graduate Course in Algebra (2 Vols.)

by Ioannis Farmakis and Martin Moskowitz

Brooklyn - Stacks - QA154.3 .F37 2017

Latin, Greek and Money: What You Need to Know

by Bill Feingold

Brooklyn - Stacks - HG216 .F45x 2017

Lek, lärande och lycka -- Lekande och utforskande i förskolan = Play, Learning and Happiness -- Playing and Exploring in Preschool

by  Beth Ferholt, Anna-Karin Grankvist, Elin Johansson, Monica Nilsson and Jeanette Thure

Brooklyn - Stacks - HQ782 .N55x 2018

Cytoskeleton: Methods and Protocols. 3rd ed.

Ray H. Gavin, ed.

Brooklyn - Stacks - QH603 .C96 C974 2016

Moral Psychology of Sadness

Anna Gotlib, ed.

Brooklyn - Stacks - BF575 .S23 M67 2017

Now That the Audience Is Assembled

by David Grubbs

Brooklyn - Stacks - PS3557 .R76 N69 2018

The Gender of Informal Politics

by Janet Elise Johnson

Brooklyn - Stacks - HQ1236.5 .R8 J64 2018

Sisters in the Life: A History of Out African American Lesbian Media-Making

by Alexandra Juhasz and Yvonne Welbon, eds.

Brooklyn - Stacks - PN1995.9.L48 S57 2018

A Short History of the Renaissance in Europe

by Margaret L. King

Brooklyn - Stacks - CB361 .K56 2017

Diversity and Local Contexts: Urban Space, Borders, and Migration

by Jerome Krase and Zdeněk Uherek

Brooklyn - Stacks - GN395 .D58 2017

Workbook for Java

by Yedidyah Langsam

Brooklyn - Stacks - QA76.73 .J38 L3584x 2018

Violence Against Children: Making Human Rights Real

Gertrud Lenzer, ed.

Brooklyn - Stacks - HV6626.5 .V556 2018

Poner el Cuerpo: Rescatar y Visibilizar las Marcas de la Violencia Sexual y de Género en los Archivos Dictatoriales del Cono Sur

Bernardita Llanos, Ksenija Belbija and Ann Forcinito, eds.

Brooklyn - Stacks - HV6593 .S69 B553 2017

Turn That Thing Off! Collaboration and Technology in 21st-Century Actor Training

by Roger Manix, Rose Burnett Bonczek and David Storck

Brooklyn - Stacks - PN2075 .B58 2017

We Decide! Theories and Cases in Participatory Democracy

by Michael Menser

Brooklyn - Stacks - JF799 .M47 2018

Ulysses in West Britain: James Joyce's Dublin & Dubliners

by Michael Murphy

Brooklyn - Stacks - PR6019 .O9 U63 2017

The Courage to Imagine

by Roni Natov

Brooklyn - Stacks - PN1009.5 .H47 N39 2018

Incidental Racialization: Performative Assimilation in Law School

by Yung-Yi Diana Pan

Brooklyn - Stacks - KF287 .P36 2017

Greek Tragic Women on Shakespearean Stages

by Tanya L. Pollard

Brooklyn - Stacks - PR658 .W6 P65 2017

Weaving Complementary Knowledge Systems and Mindfulness to Educate a Literate Citizenry for Sustainable and Healthy Lives

Malgorzata Powietrzynska and Kenneth Tobin, eds.

Brooklyn - Stacks - BF637 .M56 W43 2017


Opinionated: The Worldview of a Jewish Woman

by Sara Reguer

Brooklyn - Reserve - BM724 R44 2017

Where the Survivors Are Buried

by Nava Renek

Brooklyn - Stacks - PS3618 .E575 W48 2017


Television on Demand: Curatorial Culture and the Transformation of TV

by MJ Robinson

Brooklyn - Stacks - PN1992.3 .U5 R63 2017

Between Two Worlds: Jean Price-Mars, Haiti, and Africa

Jean Eddy Saint Paul, Celucien L. Joseph and Glodel Mezilas, eds.

Brooklyn - Stacks - F1927 .P75 B48 2018

Encyclopedia of the Ghetto: The Unfinished Project of the Łódź Ghetto Archivists

Robert Shapiro and [et al.], eds.

Brooklyn - Stacks - DS134.62 .E53713 2017

Cause... And How It Doesn't Always Equal Effect

by Gregory Smithsimon

Brooklyn - Stacks - HM1033 .S6245 2018

Introduction to Production: Creating Theatre Onstage, Backstage, & Offstage

by Robert I. Sutherland-Cohen

Brooklyn - Stacks - PN2053 .S875x 2018

A More Beautiful and Terrible History: The Uses and Misuses of Civil Rights History

by Jeanne Theoharis

Brooklyn - Stacks - E185.61 .T44 2018


Victoria Kim. Joohee's Favorite Rice!

Charles L. Thompson, illus.

Brooklyn - Juvenile Collection - SB191 .R5 K56x 2017

Imagination, Music, and the Emotions: A Philosophical Study

by Saam Trivedi

Brooklyn - Stacks - ML3800 .T75 2017

The 21st Century Fight for the Amazon

Mark Ungar, ed.

Brooklyn - Stacks - E190 .A43 A22 2018

The End of Policing

by Alex S. Vitale

Brooklyn - Stacks - HV8139 .V58 2017


Coaching Youth Basketball, Soccer, Volleyball, and Team Handball

by Howard Zhenhao Zeng

Brooklyn - Stacks - GV709.24 .Z46x 2017

What Factors Motivated Youth Players Engaged in the Sport of Badminton

by Howard Zhenhao Zeng and WenYan Meng

Brooklyn - Stacks - GV1007 .Z46x 2017