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Annual Author Reception: 2013

See the books published by Brooklyn College faculty and staff!

Open the 2013 Program

2013 Book Party Program

2013 Honorees

Exploring the Earth System

by Stephen U. Aja and Constantin Cranganu

Brooklyn - Stacks - QB631 .A63x 2013

Halloween: Everything Important About the Most Popular Secular Holiday

by Leonard R.N. Ashley

Brooklyn - Stacks - GT4965 .A84 2012

Whatever Used To Grow Around Here

by Lauren Belski

Brooklyn - Stacks - PS3602 .E462 W53x 2012

The Runaway Bunny

Jeffrey Biegel, pianist with Trio21

Brooklyn Music - Phonodiscs - CD 5421

Ensemble Theatre Making: A Practical Guide

by Rose Burnett Bonczek and David Storck

Brooklyn - Stacks - PN2297 .A2 B66 2013

Final Cut Pro X: Advanced Video Editing

by Young Cheong

Brooklyn - Stacks - TR899 .Y694x 2012

Brave New Pitch: The Evolution of Modern Cricket

by Samir Chopra

Brooklyn - Stacks - GV928 .I4 C46 2012

Reforming the World Monetary System: Fritz Machlup and the Bellagio Group

by Carol M. Connell

Brooklyn - Stacks - HB119 .M25 C66 2013

Exploring the Earth System

by Constantin Cranganu and Stephen U. Aja

Brooklyn - Stacks - QB631 .A63x 2013

All Is Not Lost

by Patricia Cronin

Brooklyn - Stacks - ND1839 .C745 A4 2012

Thirty Readings in Introductory Sociology

by Kenneth A. Gould and Tammy L. Lewis, eds.

Brooklyn - Stacks - HM585 .T49 2012

The World Without You

by Joshua Henkin

Brooklyn - Stacks - PS3558 .E49594 W67 2012

Artificial Intelligence in the 21st Century: A Living Introduction

by Danny Kopec and Stephen Lucci

Brooklyn - Stacks - Q335 .L83 2013

Critical Literacy in English Literature

by Hinda Krinsky and Priya Parmar

Brooklyn - Stacks - PN70 .P37 2012

Social Justice for Children: To End Child Abuse and Violence Against Children

by Gertrud Lenzer, ed.

Brooklyn - Stacks - HQ789 .S63x 2012

Quantum Chemistry. 7th ed.

by Ira N. Levine

Brooklyn - Stacks - QD462 .L48 2014

Thirty Readings in Introductory Sociology

by Tammy L. Lewis and Kenneth A. Gould, eds.

Brooklyn - Stacks - HM585 .T49 2012

China Studies

by Shuming Lu, ed.

Brooklyn - Stacks - DS734.7 Z46644 2012

Making a Promised Land: Harlem in Twentieth-Century Photography and Film

by Paula J. Massood

Brooklyn - Stacks - F128.68 .H3 M37 2013

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The Dao of the Military: Liu An's Art of War

by Andrew Seth Meyer, trans.

Brooklyn - Stacks - U101 .H81713 2012

The Encyclopedia of Global Human Migration

by Immanuel Ness, ed.

Brooklyn - Reference - GN370 .E55 2013

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Hegel on Religion and Politics

by Angelica Nuzzo, ed.

Brooklyn - Stacks - B2948 .H3365 2013

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Memory, History, Justice in Hegel

by Angelica Nuzzo

Brooklyn - Stacks - B2948 .N89 2012

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Critical Literacy in English Literature

by Priya Parmar and Hinda Krinsky

Brooklyn - Stacks - PN70 .P37 2012


Here Where the Sunbeams Are Green

by Helen Phillips

Brooklyn - Juvenile Collection - PZ7 .P5365 He 2012

Shakespearean Sensations: Experiencing Literature in Early Modern England

by Tanya Pollard and Katharine A. Craik

Brooklyn - Stacks - PR428 .P76 S47 2013

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The Rebellious Life of Mrs. Rosa Parks

by Jeanne Theoharis

Brooklyn - Stacks - F334 .M753 P3883 2013

Ellis Island

by Robert Viscusi

Brooklyn - Stacks - PS3572 .I73 E54x 2013

Reading Roman Friendship

by Craig A. Williams

Brooklyn - Stacks - PA6029 .F75 W55 2012

Implementing Mosston's Teaching Styles in Physical Skill Classes

by Howard Zhenhao Zeng

Brooklyn - Stacks - GV1015.3 .Z46x 2012