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Annual Author Reception: 2014

See the books published by Brooklyn College faculty and staff!

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2014 Book Party Program

2014 Honorees

Radio's Digital Dilemma: Broadcasting in the Twenty-First Century

by John Nathan Anderson

Brooklyn - Stacks - TK6562 .D54 A53 2014



Dealing with Dying, Death, and Grief During Adolescence

by David E. Balk

Brooklyn - Stacks - BF724.3 .D43 B35 2014

A Grand Romance

Jeffrey Biegel, pianist

Brooklyn Music - Phonodiscs - CD 6038

Chopin, Frederick. Chopin

Jeffrey Biegel, pianist

Brooklyn Music - Phonodiscs - CD 6039

Brina Maurer. Architectures: Three-Dimensional Poems

Translated by Luigi Bonaffini

Brooklyn - Stacks - PQ4913 .A9346 A73x 2013


Poets of the Italian Diaspora

by Luigi Bonaffini and Joseph Perricone, eds

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Sauro Albisani. Selected Poems

by Luigi Bonaffini

Brooklyn Stacks   PQ4861 .L2934 A2 2013



Family and Work in Everyday Ethnography

by Tamara Mose Brown and Joanna Derby

Brooklyn Stacks   GN346 .F36 2013

Slippers for Elsewhere. Poems

by Matthew J. Burgess

Brooklyn Stacks   PS3602 .U7464 S65x 2014

Benessere Psicologico: Contemporary Thought on Italian American Mental Health

by Dominick Carielli and Joseph grosso, eds.

Brooklyn Stacks   RC451.5 .I7 B47 2013

Hrotswitha of Gandersheim. The Plays of Hrotswitha of Gandersheim. Bilingual ed.

by Robert Chipok and Larissa Bonfante, Trans.

Brooklyn Stacks   PA8340 .A2 2013

Eagles over Bangladesh: The Indian Air Force in the 1971 Liberation War

by Samir Chopra and P V S Japan Mohan

Brooklyn Stacks   DS388 .J34 2013

Berenice II and the Golden Age of Ptolemaic Egypt

by Dee L. Clayman

Brooklyn Stacks   DT92 .C54 2014

Le Macchine, gli Dei Fantasmi=Machines, Gods and Ghosts.

by Patricia Cronin

Brooklyn Stacks   N6537 .C745 A4 2013

The Zenobia Scandal: A Meditation on Male Jealousy

by Patricia Cronin

Brooklyn Stacks   NB237 .H6 A78 2013

Satire's Brew: Mass Media & Coffee Beans

by Brian Dunphy

Brooklyn Stacks   P90 .D86x 2014

Brooklyn Reserve Reserve - 2 hour loan   P90 .D86x 2014

Sounding the Break: African American and Caribbean Routes of World Literature

by Jason Frydman

Brooklyn Stacks   PS153 .N5 F78 2013


Ten Lessons in Introductory Sociology

by Kenneth A. Gould and Tammy L. Lewis

Brooklyn Reserve Reserve - 2 hour loan   HM585 L495 2014


Records Ruin the Landscape: John Cage, the Sixties, and Sound Recording

by David Grubbs

Brooklyn Music Books   ML410 .C24 G78 2014

Trust-Based Marketing: Key to Success in the Global Internet Age

by Nakato Hirakubo

Brooklyn Stacks   HF5415.1265 H57x 2013


Miriam Gideon. Fortunato: An Opera in Three Scenes (1958). Piano-Vocal Edition and Orchestral Supplement

by Stephanie Jensen-Moulton, ed.

Brooklyn Music Reference Scores   M 780.8 R295 v.75

Marathon Fighters and Men of Maple: Ancient Acharnai

by Danielle L. Kellogg

Brooklyn Stacks   DF951 .A22 K45 2013

Renaissance Humanism: An Anthology of Sources

by Margaret King, ed., and Trans.

Brooklyn Stacks   B778 .R427 2014

Inclusion in the Early Childhood Classroom: What Makes a Difference?

by Yoon-Joo Lee and Susan L. Recchia

Brooklyn Stacks   LC1201 .R44 2013

Ten Lessons in Introductory Sociology

by Tammy L. Lewis and Kenneth Gould

Brooklyn Reserve Reserve - 2 hour loan   HM585 L495 2014

Pour le Meilleur et Pour le Pire

by Clément Mbom

Brooklyn Stacks   PQ3939 .M46 P68x 2013


La Vie de Couple

by Clément Mbom

Brooklyn Stacks   PQ3939 .M46 V54x 2013


Handbook of Thanatology: The Essential Body of Knowledge for Studying Death, Dying, and Bereavement

by David K. Meagher and David E. Balk

Brooklyn Stacks   HQ1073 .H363 2013

Bringing It All Back Home: An Oral History of New York City's Vietnam Veterans

by Philip E. Napoli

Brooklyn Stacks   DS559.5 .N367 2013

Wreckage of Reason II: BAck to the Drawing Board: An Anthology of Contemporary XXperimental Women Writers

by Natalie Nuzzo and Nava Renek

Brooklyn Stacks   PS647 .W6 W753 2014

Contesting the Nigerian State: Civil Society and the Contradictions of Self-Organization

by Mojúbàolú Olúfúnké Okome, ed.

Brooklyn Stacks   JQ3096 .U52 2013


State Fragility, State Formation, and Human Security in Nigeria

by Mojúbàolú Olúfúnké Okome, ed.

Brooklyn Stacks   HN831 .Z9 C58 2013

What Remains: Essays

by Slava Polishchuk

Brooklyn Stacks   PG3549 .P65 C58x 2013

The Most Tenacious of Minorities: The Jews of Italy

by Sara Reguer

Brooklyn  Stacks  DS135 .I8 R44x 2013

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Wreckage of Reason II: Back to the Drawing Board: An Anthology of Contemporary XXperimental Women Writers

by Nava Renek and Natalie Nuzzo, eds.

Brooklyn Stacks   PS647 .W6 W753 2014


Understanding Human Communication. 12th ed.

by George Rodman, Ronald B. Adler and Athena du Pré

Brooklyn Stacks   P90 .A32 2014


Introducing Global Health: Practice, Policy, and Solutions

by Celina Su and Peter Muennig

Brooklyn Stacks   RA418 .M84 2013

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Sustaining Human Rights in the Twenty-First Century: Strategies from LAtin America

by Mark Ungar and Katherine Hite

Brooklyn Stacks   JC599 .L3 S88 2013

The Nature and Value of Happiness

by Christine Vitrano

Brooklyn Stacks   B105 .H36 V58 2014


Linda Perdido: A Novel

by Mac Wellman

Brooklyn Stacks   PS3573 .E468 L56 2013

Shirley Chisholm: Catalyst for Change

by Barbara Winslow

Brooklyn Stacks   E840.8 .C48 W56 2014

Brooklyn Special Collections - CUNY (XBC)   E840.8 .C48 W56 2014


Martial arts anthropology, participants' motivation and behaviors : martial arts in Changshu : participants' motivation, practice times and health behaviors

by Howard Zhenhao Zheng, Wojciech Jan Cynarski and Lisheng Xie

Brooklyn Stacks   GV1102.7 .P75 Z46x 2013