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Publishers' Bookbindings: Resources

A guide to decorative books in special and circulating collections at Brooklyn College Library, and research resources for related topics.

Researching Publisher's Bindings

Below are some helpful hints on finding more information on Publisher's Binding and designers:

  • Book cover designers were often credited on the title page when they also provided some kind of illustration; the artist's monogram on the cover or title page design is rarely mentioned in the library catalog, WorldCat, or Google Books.
  • Frequently, books from the 1880s-1920 were rebound (re-covered with a new spine and covers in order to preserve the book). Some of these rebound books were scanned by Google Books and are found on Hathi Trust and other digital collections. Digital versions of these books appear online, but may not feature the original book design.
  • Advertisements may not be listed in print or electronic indexes; find publications that contain book reviews and scroll through advertisements, frequently listed by publisher
  • Full-text Search:
    • Captions for illustrations may/may not be included in full-text searching
    • OCR (Optical Character Recognition) is a mechanical or electronic conversion of images to text, and facilitates full-text search of digitized materials. NOTE: this can affect search results.  

Primary Resources on Book Cover Design

In addition to the books and resources listed in this guide, information on publishers' bindings can be found in primary source material, much of which is available online. A few key types include:

  • Trade Magazines (Publishers' Weekly, the Book Buyer, the Bookman), which may have useful:
    • Advertisements
    • Articles about authors
    • Articles about publishers
    • Book reviews
  • Publishers' Catalogs
  • Exhibition Catalogs

Publishing Trade Journals

Bookbinding Terminology & Dictionaries

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ABC of bookbinding : an unique glossary with over 700 illustrations for collectors & librarians.

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Bookbinding, Book Design, Paper

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Book Conservation & Preservation

The restoration of leather bindings by Bernard C. Middleton

New Castle, DE : Oak Knoll Press ; London : British Library, 1998.


The Northeast Document Conservation Center (NEDCC)

Free Resources on Preservation, Conservation, and further reading suggestions.

Recommended Reading

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Books about Publishers' Bindings