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Publishers' Bookbindings: Covers & Designers

A guide to decorative books in special and circulating collections at Brooklyn College Library, and research resources for related topics.

"Signed" and "Unsigned" Bindings

Publishers' bindings come in many different styles and sizes. Click on any image to view the design in detail.

Signed Bindings

If you look closely, you will find small combinations of alphabetical characters on many of the books we show on this guide. These letters, also known as monograms, are a kind of signature that the artist added to her/his design, which identifies the work as something she/he created. 

Unsigned Bindings

A lot of books with decorative covers do not have a signature, however. These are called "unsigned" bindings, the designers are unknown, and scholars are always searching for more information on them! Do you have more information on a book's designer? Please help us build a better database, and let us know. 

Books pictured on this page were created by unknown designers

Gallery of unknowns

This guide highlights notable designers whose work is represented in Brooklyn College Library. Click on the links below to learn more about these individuals and view example designs, or follow the navigation links on the bottom of any page.