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ARTD 2812: BC Multimedia: Classes 4-6

ARTD 2812: BC Multimedia

Class 4: SEPT 17

Cell Animation- Intro to Adobe Animate
Importing graphics and sound

  • Importing images
  • Motion tweens
  • Shape tweens
  • Text
  • Alpha Effects
  • Motion Effects
  • Importing Sound

Class 4: Screenings

Class 4: Deadlines

Read: The Function of the Studio (when the studio is a laptop) by Caitlin Jones

Class 5: SEPT 24

Working with Bitmaps and Rotoscoping

  • Importing images and video
  • Masks and textures
  • Movieclips

Class 5: Screenings


Class 6: OCT 15

Intro and Discussion of StopMotion

  • Persistance of vision, range of animation techniques
  • time lapse vs. stop motion
  • In class work with DragonFrame

Class 6: Screenings

Examples of StopMotion and Pixellation* William Kentridge, Fete Galante* Johan Ripma, Tape

  • David Herbert
  • Gumby and Pokey television show
  • Fantastic Mr. Fox
  • White Stripes "Final Button to Button"
  • Norman MacLaren, Neighbors

Class 6: Deadlines

  • Due- 5 seconds of animation. Storyboards and/or animatic for Project 4
  • Prep for Demo: Please bring toys, moveable objects to class next week for in class demos.