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CASD 7317X/CBSE 7685T Introduction to Autism Spectrum Disorders: Home

Introduction to Autism Spectrum Disorders, Professor Susan Longtin

About This Site

This introductory graduate level three-credit course is taken in the first semester of the interdisciplinary, collaborative Advanced Certificate Program in Autism Spectrum Disorders. The course also serves as an elective in the Master’s Program in Speech-Language Pathology. Contemporary issues in autism spectrum disorders across the lifespan are addressed from an interdisciplinary, inter-professional cross-paradigm perspective.  Key units include historical perspectives on autism, theoretical models, core characteristics and co-morbid features, lifespan issues including the concerns of  families from diverse backgrounds, and ASD culture and identity from a strengths-based perspective. The resources on this site are curated links from the World Wide Web as well as from the Brooklyn College Library. Readings from BC Library will require a BC email login; it is advisable to log in to the library reources at the start of each session. For external links you will be directed outside of this site.

Historical Perspectives

Link to Historical Perspectives page

Core and Co-morbid Characteristics

Link to Core and Co-morbid Features Unit

Theoretical Models

Link to Theoretical Models Unit

Across the Lifespan

ASD Identity and Culture

Link to ASD Identity and Culture Unit