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Sometimes observing human behavior can give you all the information you need, more even than if you asked them yourself. (Photo by Katrina Johnston-Zimmerman)

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ANTH 3135 American Urban Experience: Anthropological Perspectives (Paterline): Home

The American Urban Experience: Anthropological Perspectives


Course Instructor: Christa Paterline (she/her/hers)

Instructor Email:

Virtual Office Hours: Mondays 11:00-1:00 on Zoom

Department of Anthropology Phone:  718-951-5507   

Class Meeting Times

  • Section: T9A 
    • Meets online on:  Tuesday 09:30-12:00PM
    • Will meet in-person on 09/21, 10/19, and 12/07 during regular class time
  • Section: W9 
    • Meets online: Wednesday 09:30-10:45AM
    • Will meet in-person on 09/22, 10/20, and 12/08 during regular class time
  • Section: W11F
    • Meets online:  Wednesday 11:00-12:15PM
    • Will meet in-person on 09/22, 10/20, and 12/08 during regular class time

Course Reading/Textbooks Legend

This course is a zero cost/open educational resources course.  That means there is no textbook students need to purchase. All materials are available freely to students.

remote access login required. Off-campus access. New for Fall 2021: Use your CUNYfirst Username and Password to log in (same credentials for logging into Blackboard). To access them off-campus you will need to login in. Instructions on logging in.

item on blackboard Items with this icon are on Blackboard. To access you must login in. Instructions on BlackBoard

red lock needs prof password to open. Items with this icon require a password provided to you by your professor.

IMPORTANT NOTE: To be successful in the course you must do all the assigned readings on time. The weekly schedule will state which readings we will be discussing in our live sessions, and you should have completed those readings before that session. If you have any problems accessing an article, you must contact me immediately.

Online Etiquette and Anti-harassment

Brooklyn College strictly prohibits the use of college online resources or facilities, including Blackboard, for the purpose of harassment of any individual or for the posting of any material that is scandalous, libelous, offensive, or otherwise against the University’s policies.  Please see: Netiquette for Remote Instruction.

Important Dates

  • Wed, August 25: First day of Fall 2021 classes
  • Tues, August 31: Last day to add a course
  • Mon, December 13: Last day to withdraw from course with “W” grade
  • Tues, December 14: Reading Day 
  • Wed, December 15: Final Examinations Begin
  • Tues, December 21: Final Examinations End / End of Fall Semester

Course Organization

This course is being organized with a combination of asynchronous and synchronous elements.

  • The asynchronous parts include activities and assignments that you do on your own time, while the synchronous parts are the real-time class meetings and office hours.

To be successful in this course you must maintain communication with the professor.

  • Email the professor with any concerns or questions.
  • The professor will return emails within 24 hours, if you do not get a response, please email a second time.
  • Make sure you put the class and section in the email title and write your full name at the end of the email.
  • Always respond to a question emailed to you from the professor within 24 hours.


  • On your own time does not mean whenever you get around to it.
  • To be successful in this course, you must follow the weekly schedule of assignments that include reading material, watching videos and lectures, and completing written assignments.
  • You should expect to spend at least 6-9 hours per week on these activities.
  • All the materials are available through this ANTH 3135 open educational resource (OER) website you are currently on (URL:, Blackboard or Dropbox and all assignments will be submitted to Blackboard.


  • This class is scheduled to meet once a week virtually.
  • The class will meet threes times in-person on during regular class time.
    • FYI: The in-person meetings are optional.
  • To be successful in the course, you must attend the virtual classes and participate in the discussions.
    • Attending class is integral to developing an understanding of anthropological perspectives.
  • Each class will be a combination of whole class lecture/discussion, small group discussion, share and questions.
  • Proper classroom etiquette is always expected of all students.
  • Individual office hours via Zoom are also available to students on Mondays from 11:00-1:00.
    • Please email the instructor ahead of time to get a time slot.
    • I will see students who show up during the time without an appointment, but they will have to wait until I am finished with those who made appointments.
    • Other times are available upon request.

Course Technology

  • To complete the work of the course you will need your college accounts (CUNYFirst, library account, CUNY Dropbox, Zoom Pro) updated and accessible.
  • Emails and announcements will be done through Blackboard.
    • Make sure the email you have associated with Blackboard works and you check it often.
  • I may use Dropbox in cases where files become too large to load on Blackboard.
  • Some material may be given as links to websites and an updated browser may be necessary to access them.
  • The essays for midterm and final must be submitted as a PDF or Word Document, be sure to have the necessary software to do this.
  • The real-time classes will take place on Zoom.
  • You need a computer with a working camera, a microphone, and internet access.
  • If you do not have reliable and regular access to a desktop or laptop computer, headphones or internet access please go to the Brooklyn College Device Loan Requests/Returns to request equipment. Brooklyn College has Chromebooks, Laptops, iPads, Headphones and T-Mobile Hotspots that can be loaned to you. 

For Students with Immigration Issues

As an educator, I support the rights of undocumented students to an education. If you have any concerns in that regard, feel free to discuss them with me, and I will respect your wishes concerning confidentiality. For resources and support, please check-out Brooklyn College’s Immigrant Student Support Office, website: Immigrant Student Success Office email: Instagram: @issobc or visit: Resources for Immigrant Students at CUNY (URL:

Brooklyn College Counseling Services

Student Support Services