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TVRA 7713 Media and Communication History and Regulation (Reile): Case Assignments

OER for Dr. Wiebke Reile's course.

Case Assignment

Case Assignment Description (20%) (Due Date Varies):

  • Once throughout the semester, you will present a relevant Media Law Case.
  • You will select one case and write a 5-page paper double spaced and create a presentation/discussion for the class.
  • Scheduling of case assignments will be done on the first day of class.
    • If you choose a day and you are absent because of a legitimate reason it is your responsibility to switch with someone who has not gone yet. If you miss your presentation or forget without a legitimate reason you will not receive another opportunity to present and will receive a zero.

Choosing your court case:

Each day of class we will cover certain topics in class. To choose your court case please look at the Topic that we will cover that day and make sure your court case aligns with that topic. If you are unsure about if it does please email me ahead of time.

Please make sure your case assignment is done in APA formatting, 5 pages double spaced, and you are prepared to present your case to the class. You do not need to make a formal presentation, but be prepared to share on all of the points that need to be included. Please include these topics in your paper.

  1. Describe the circumstances and characters involved. Defendant Stance/ Plaintiff Stance.
  2. How does it pertain to media law? Why is it important?
  3. How has this court case developed/been updated/ or is not relevant anymore?
  4. Explain the verdict.
  5. Your opinion on the court case