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RUSS 1010: Beginning Russian: Home

An OER site for Prof. Victoria Barsky

About Russian 1010

Course Description:

This is an intensive introductory course into the Russian language and culture.  The course aims to provide students with methods and materials that will enable them to use the language, develop their communication skills, and to familiarize them with various aspects of the Russian culture.  Students will use differ types of authentic on-line and cultural materials to reach these goals.

Learning Objectives:

The goals for the first year language program include development of the following: mastery of the alphabet, basic vocabulary and of the forms and syntax essential for reading and oral comprehension. Elementary writing skills are taught at this stage as well. In addition, the program introduces the students to some elements of Russian literature, culture, and history. Furthermore, students are taught vocabulary, forms, and syntax through the limited introduction of original texts.

Russian Image Gallery

russian garden
russian cathedral
russian building
Russian badges and Uniforms
minarets at night
bear picnic
Russian Toys
more russian spires
St. Nicholas
costume people
russian spires
russian cursive makes me crazy
russian dolls
Russian Foods
Russian Double Eagle
link to  100 Years Since the Birth of the Soviet Union, in Pictures

New York Times Article: 100 Years Since the Birth of the Soviet Union, in Pictures

An article with many interesting and iconic photographs of Soviet Russia