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Reserves: On-Site Reserves

On-Site Reserves

📝 Reserves Request Form📝


Students are able to access items that professors have placed on reserve.

Many professors request that heavily used materials (such as required readings or class assignments) be placed on reserve for their classes. The Reserve collection also includes items kept on permanent reserve because of their continuous high demand.

Also, some professors place items on E-Reserve, allowing 24/7 access to required materials via Blackboard.


Please send your upcoming semester On-Site Reserves Request ASAP.

New orders for materials may require a few weeks to process.

To place an on-site reserve item, the instructor must first complete this Reserves Request Form. Please include as much information as possible when placing the request (call number or OneSearch link if the library owns the material, link to Amazon or ISBN if the library needs to purchase the material). This will ensure proper processing and avoid confusion and delay. Lists will be dated and processed in the order of their receipt. If the Library does not have the required materials, or is unable to purchase the material, faculty members may place their personal copies on reserve. 


Material that CANNOT be placed on Reserve

  • Interlibrary loan books and journal articles including those from other CUNY libraries.
  • Library periodical issues or volumes. These items can be organized in Blackboard or by other CUNY tools for sharing with classes.
  • Scans of an entire book.

Need assistance finding openly available materials for your course? For information about Open Educational Resources (OER) or Zero Textbook Cost (ZTC) please see our OER Resource Guide or  contact Prof. Frans Albarillo,


The Library will notify the instructor when their materials are available on Reserves. Please note that new purchases will require additional time to process (order, receive, and catalog). Contact  to check the status of your request.

At the end of the semester, reserve material will be returned to the stacks without further notice to the instructor. Faculty wishing to have the materials kept on reserve for the following term must notify the Reserves Department  via email at Before the end of the current semester.

For further assistance regarding reserve requests, procedures, and queries, please contact Reserves,









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