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PRLS 4510 Emerging Realities and Alternatives for Puerto Ricans and Other Latinxs in the U.S (Ortíz-Minaya): Week 5: Immigration and Citizenship (and its limits)

Text readings: Week 5

Cover image to Latinos in New York

Baver, Baver, Sherrie L., Falcón, Angelo, & Haslip-Viera, Gabrel. (2017). Latinos in New York : Communities in transition (Second ed., Latino perspectives).

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Internet Readings: Week 5

Attribution: Emily Mills (Photographer) (18 Feb. 2016) Dia sin Latinos en Wisconsin. [Digital Image]. Retrieved from (CC BY-ND 2.0)

Over 10,000 Latinxs, immigrants, and their allies gathered at the Capitol in Madison, WI to protest two anti-immigrant, anti-local control bills being passed through the Legislature.