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PRLS 2505: Latinxs in the Criminal Justice Complex (Aja): Week 8: Fight for Survival

Prof. Aja's Fall 2020 OER

Week 8

Fight for Survival in the Age of Global Crisis of Capital & The School-Prison-Pipeline


A 12 year old was handcuffed and arrested for doodling her name on her desk.An 18 yearl old received a 60-day syspension for tryin gto break up a fight at school.A 10 year old was suspended for pointing his finger like a gun.


Assignment Due: Annotated Bibliography

Video (not required)

Educational Law and Social Justice Forum Presents: The School-to-Prison & School-to-Deportation Pipelines, 5/17/2013

The School to Prison Pipeline refers to a national trend in which school policies and practices are increasingly resulting in criminalizing students rather than educating them.  Statistics indicate that the number of suspensions, expulsions, dropouts or “pushouts,” and juvenile justice confinements is growing.  Moreover, there is a disproportionate impact on students of color and students with disabilities and emotional problems.  In this issue, we invite authors to examine the policy implications, the political ramifications, and the causes and possible solutions to this problem.  Moreover, what are these policies teaching our children? 

Attribution: [JECWWU] (2013, June 4) The Journal of Educational Controversy - Authors Talk - The School-to-Prison & School-to-Deportation Pipelines 2013 [Video File]. Retrieved from