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CASD 7313 / 7326X Mecca for Neurogenics: Attributions

(Formerly SPEC 7313X/SPEC 7326) Prof. Sharon Beaumont-Bowman

Copyright Compliance

Images: Home

Banner Image: Adapted from Image of Brain Synapses: Autism Speaks

Home Page

1. Image: Dysphagia page link: Anatomy of Normal Swallow.

"Illustration of throat anatomy." 28 Aug 2008. 

2. Image: Aphasia page link: White Matter Tracts

By Basilakos A, Fillmore PT, Rorden C, Guo D, Bonilha L and Fridriksson J [CC BY 3.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

3. Image: Videos page link: screenshot of Beaumont-Bowman Video Case #6.

4. Image: Student Pages link: Business Creativity:

Dysphagia: Course Documents


1) "Aging" Image: Elsevier icon, Wikimedia Commons

2) Cultural Competence icon:

Aphasia: Course Documents

Aphasia: Articles

1) Image: Social Participation: Mary A. Rackham Institute of the University of Michigan.