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Doing Research in Modern Languages & Literatures

This guide features some of the most helpful resources for students studying Modern Languages & Literatures at Brooklyn College. In addition to important databases, journals, and books, this guide includes information and advice on research practices. For further help, visit the Brooklyn College Library or contact the Language & Literature librarian directly.

Brooklyn College uses the Library of Congress classification schedule to catalog our Library materials.  Books dealing with the Romance Languages are classed under the PQ call numbers.  See the breakdown of the PQ subject headings below:

PQ1-3999    French literature
PQ1-771    History and criticism
PQ1-150    General
PQ151-221    Medieval. Old French
PQ226-310    Modern
PQ400-491    Poetry
PQ500-591    Drama
PQ601-771    Prose and prose fiction
PQ(781)-(841)    Folk literature
PQ845    Juvenile literature
PQ1100-1297    Collections
PQ1100-1145    General
PQ1160-1193    Poetry
PQ1211-1241    Drama
PQ1243-1297    Prose
PQ1300-1595    Old French literature
Class here Old French literature to ca. 1500/1550
PQ1300-1391    Collections
Individual authors and works
PQ1411-1545    To 1350/1400
PQ1551-1595    (14th-) 15th century (to ca. 1525)
PQ1600-2726    Modern literature
Individual authors
PQ1600-1709    16th century
PQ1710-1935    17th century
PQ1947-2147    18th century
PQ2149-2551    19th century
PQ2600-2651    1900-1960
PQ2660-2686    1961-2000
PQ2700-2726    2001-
PQ3800-3999    Provincial, local, colonial, etc.

PQ4001-5999    Italian literature
PQ4001-4199.5    History and criticism
PQ4001-4063    General
PQ4064-4075    Early to 1500
PQ4077-4088    Modern
PQ4091-(4131)    Poetry
PQ4133-4160    Drama
PQ4161-4185    Prose
PQ(4186)-(4199)    Folk literature
PQ4199.5    Juvenile literature (General)
PQ4201-4263    Collections
PQ4201-4204    General
PQ4205-4206    Translations
PQ4207-4225    Poetry
PQ4227-4245    Drama
PQ4247-4263    Prose
PQ4265-4556    Individual authors and works to 1400
PQ4561-4664    Individual authors, 1400-1700
PQ4675-4734    Individual authors, 1701-1900
PQ4800-4851    Individual authors, 1900-1960
PQ4860-4886    Individual authors, 1961-2000
PQ4900-4926    Individual authors, 2001-
PQ5901-5999    Regional, provincial, local, etc.

PQ6001-8929    Spanish literature
PQ6001-6168    History and criticism
PQ6001-6056    General
PQ6056    Moorish-Spanish literature
PQ6058-6060    Early to 1500
PQ(6061)-6073    Modern
PQ6075-6098    Poetry
PQ6098.7-6129    Drama
PQ6131-6153    Prose
PQ(6155)-(6167)    Folk literature
PQ6168    Juvenile literature (General)
PQ6170-6269    Collections
PQ6170-6174.9    General
PQ6174.95-6215    Poetry
PQ6217-(6241)    Drama
PQ6247-6264    Prose
PQ(6265)-6269    Translations
PQ6271-6498    Individual authors and works to 1700
PQ6500-6576    Individual authors, 1700-ca. 1868
PQ6600-6647    Individual authors, 1868-1960
PQ6650-6676    Individual authors, 1961-2000
PQ6700-6726    Individual authors, 2001-
PQ7000-8929    Provincial, local, colonial, etc.
PQ7081-8560    Spanish America

PQ9000-9999    Portuguese literature
PQ9000-9129    History and criticism
PQ9000-9034    General
PQ9035-9055    Special periods
PQ9061-9081    Poetry
PQ9083-9095    Drama
PQ9097-9119    Prose
PQ(9121)-(9128)    Folk literature
PQ9129    Juvenile literature (General)
PQ9131-9188    Collections
PQ9131-9144    General
PQ9137    Translations
PQ9149-9163    Poetry
PQ9164-9170    Drama
PQ9172-9188    Prose
PQ9189    Individual authors and works to 1500
PQ9191-9255    Individual authors and works, 1500-1700
PQ9261    Individual authors, 1701-1960
PQ9262-9288    Individual authors, 1961-2000
PQ9300-9326    Individual authors, 2001-
PQ9400-9999    Provincial, local, colonial, etc.
PQ9500-9698.436    Brazil


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