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LOOP (Library Online Orientation Program): Artificial Intelligence

Welcome to the LOOP!

Artificial Intelligence

Although AI tools such as ChatGPT and Grammarly can be helpful as a general consumer or within other organizations, you are in college to advance your critical thinking and writing skills. In every class, you are expected to produce original work, using approved resources. Since writing is hard work, we (students and faculty) must give credit to the author in transparent, accountable, and ethical ways. AI tools should never replace *your* voice!

Can I use AI tools in my classes here at Brooklyn College?

  • Follow your instructor’s recommendations regarding the use of AI. When your instructor allows use of AI in your course, check the syllabus, assignment instructions, or ask for the best way to properly use AI tools.

Remember “Citing Your Sources and Plagiarism”?

  • Avoid misrepresenting another person’s or platform’s idea as your own. Even in Grammarly, when it suggests a sentence or phrase, this is not your original idea or language, and you will need to cite it.
  • How to cite AI in MLA

Why do people think AI is dangerous?

  • Be aware that artificial intelligence reflects the bias of its respective creators.
  • AI literacy, or any type of literacy, is fundamentally about power. Don’t let AI think for you!