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MATH 1201: Introduction to Calculus: Home

Open Educational Resource - Calculus - Prof. Jeff Suzuki

Course Design

Welcome to Introduction to Calculus

This Open Educational Resource site was created by Professor Jeff Suzuki for his Introduction to Calculus flipped classroom. In a “flipped classroom” students watch online video lectures, demonstrations, and explanations of assignments before class. (All videos are closed captioned)

Class time is spent doing what is traditionally called “homework."  The teacher in a flipped classroom is able to spend time working one-to-one with students, clarify assignments, and offer help as needed.  Classmates can work together on in-class assignments, engage in discussions, or collaborate on projects. A major benefit is that teachers spend more time working directly with students instead of lecturing to them.

This course site is organized by ASSIGNMENT.  For each assignment, watch the videos listed on the page in order, then work on the pre-quizz before class.  During class you will work on the class assignment.


Additional Resources

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This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Non Commercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License. Content was created by Professor Jeff Suzuki.