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MATH 1201: Introduction to Calculus: Assignment Four: Derivatives of Transcendental Functions; Implicit Differentiation

Open Educational Resource - Calculus - Prof. Jeff Suzuki

Week Four Work

Videos to watch before class

  1. Trigonometry Review 1 (4:24)
  2. Equation of a Line (2:43)
  3. Implicit Differentiation (7:55)
  4. Derivatives of Transcendental Functions (5:31)
  5. Logarithmic Derivatives (6:07)
  6. Tangent Lines, Part 1 (7:48)
  7. Tangent Lines, Part 2 (8:40)

All videos are closed captioned

PreQuiz to do before class

PDF/link to Prequiz Four

Assignment to do during class

In-class Assignment Four Derivatives of Transcendental Functions

All assignments are pdf format

Assignment Four: Trigonometry Review 1

Assignment Four: Equation of a Line

Assignment Four: Implicit Differentiation

Assignment Four: Derivatives of Transcendental Functions

Assignment Four: Logarithmic Derivatives

Assignment Four: Tangent Lines, Part 1

Assignment Four: Tangent Lines, Part 2