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Instructional Guides on Creating Accessible OER: Manifold

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CUNY Manifold

About CUNY Manifold

With Manifold, you can publish dynamic digital texts with rich media support, powerful annotation tools, and robust community dialogue. Manifold transforms scholarly publications into living digital works. This CUNY installation serves as a free publishing platform for the CUNY community, where you can create projects to house either your own scholarship or custom classroom versions of texts and textbooks that are openly licensed or in the public domain. Manifold Scholarship is an open-source publishing platform that enables authors and publishers a means to showcase and enhance the electronic content they already produce in their existing workflows: texts are displayed in a responsive, elegant reader crafted for all modern browsers and devices—desktop and mobile. Powerful built-in annotation and commenting systems allow readers to annotate, highlight, discuss, cite, and share passages from any Manifold text. Resources that are foundational to a particular discussion but that are often tabled because of physical, technical, logistic, or legal limitations can be layered dynamically and directly onto the digital text. And with Manifold, a new kind of publication is possible, one where authors create projects that grow iteratively and that are published online as they are created and then later in print, when they have been codified as versions of record. In short, Manifold transforms scholarly publications into living digital works.

Manifold Training

Videos: Manifold

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